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The answer is never.

I've come this this conclusion one day when I saw that I had made a clone of myself so it would kill if I went to sleep. Over the past week I have survived on nothing but coffee, but now it is starting to lose its effect. During the night I have seen thing that you people have never seen before. I have seen the following:



-A Talking Pizza




-Ninja's Raping You In Your Sleep


-Stupidity (as a gas)


I now believe that I am one off the crazy people and am going off the fulfill my life long dream of becoming a hobo. From there I will eat only what I can find crawling in your trash can. How can I have a dream if I don't sleep? [[Video:Roommate Alien Prank Goes Bad|thumb|500px|right]]If it has been your life long dream to become a hobo as well the DON'T SLEEP. If not then you better sleep or your life is going to be F***ED UP.[[File:Funnyhomelessguy.jpg|thumb|299px|I finally made my dream a reality.]]

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