What to do when youre alone at the officeEdit


If youre horny and have a computer dont go to chat rooms... do this instead: #Drag the coursour to the search bar #Type in p.o.r.n. #Watch it. #Dont talk to people on omelge. (its gross) #Shut up i DONT want to hear about your dick!! #Dont try to seduce me. #Go away!! #Do something and dont jack off while talking to people #You suck [[File:Funny-hilarious-ugly-people32.jpg|left|thumb|277px]]I was talking to this guy on there and he said. "I'm alone at the office and horny;).." If your really?! turned on you [[File:Funny-people-55.jpg|thumb|197px]]wouldnt be sitting there and talking to people on a stupid chat...if you really are a horny dick then you would go to the search engine and look at boobs or something. Cause there should be no reason why heck you want to get pleasure from a random chick, or teenager that pretends to be a hot girl, on a website.

Dont be a creeper and want to sext! Its wrong!! :D and gross.

[[File:FatPeople.png|left|thumb|266px]]Fat people are gross. But they need love to. Ohhh well!! No one likes them!! unlessss theyn give you food! :D Food always makes a fat person happy... I wonder why? No matter this is  how a fat person became fat:

The Story behind fatsEdit

Fat people started out just like you and me. Skinny. They[[File:Weird-people-fat-guy-eating-huge-ha.jpg|thumb|208px]] were born as a healthy little baby but as the years gone by they ate to much food. They begin to look bigger and bigger until they were [[File:Sumo_Wrestler's_Photos_(18).jpg|left|thumb|272px]]like this... a sumo wrestler size... Most of them will keep getting larger and larger...but some will begin to eat less and become like everyone else...

<u>Warning:</u> [[File:Index561.jpeg|thumb]]Touching wires causes instnat DEATH. $200 dollar fine.

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