When the Almighty Carson was born he wanted to make his own race creatures to rule over. Originally he had plans for a race of creatures called pokemans. Carson immediately began work on a prototype. Carson reached up his bottomless asshole as tight as it was and pulled out the body of his new creature. Carson laid it down on the floor and brought it to life by bathing it in the cum of our lord Shrek then blasted him with his anal unicorn powers. When he was done he decided to call it Roman. Repulsed by his creation he banished it from the realm and unleashed it on the earth to punish those who wouldn't accept Carson namely his arch nemesis Aric. Carson didnt even bother to learn what type of pokeman he was or that he now possessed french toast power because of Carsons anal unicorn blast. He just wanted the abomination gone because of how ugly it was. Alone Roman wondered this new world deathly afraid of that Carsons anus would one day kill him.