Spongebob and Patrick were partying one night, and when they woke up they were in Hollywood. They met Angelina Jolie, but Spongebob didn't seem to get along with her much. Patrick spent most of his time exploring and meeting celebrities. Patrick met Kristin Stewart and IMMEDIATELY fell in love without knowing who she was.

He ran to Spongebob and asked who she was and he said that it was the chink from Twilight. When Patrick turned his head again, his Kristen was gone. Feeling depressed of his lost love, he went home and watched Twilight for the first time. He thought the movie was amazing (This slowly led to his descent into madness and the death of his former childhood friend, Sonov Abitch). It only made him want Kristen Stewart even more. So he began to develop a plan...

Patrick's Gay Ass Plan and Spon Ba Bi's AsianityEdit

The next day, Patrick explained his plan to everyone at the Krusty Krab...


Spongebob watched his friend go on and on for hours about his plan to win the affections of that bitch. He sat there drinking his dick flavored soda, but Squidward had slipped in a potion that would turn Spongebob into an Asian. Sure enough, Spongebob's face slowly began to change...


So Spongebob went home for the day, masturbated, and slept off his Asianity.

Patrick's Homosexuality Revealed To Transgender Celebrity, Justin Bieber and Spongebob/Gary's Murder by Known Animal Rapist, Squidward Williams Edit

Spongebob awoke in the morning, his face once more back to normal. He went to the kitchen and filled Gary's bowl and called for Gary. However, Gary did not come (that's what she said), so Spongebob began to search the house. There was no sign of Gary besides the past cum stains Spongebob had forced out of Gary while drunk and on marijuana.

Spongebob began to worry for his pet snail. He decided to run to Patrick's crib and ask to help search. He ran two houses down and knocked on Patrick's rock, but there was no answer. He knocked frantically again, and noticed strange grunting and moaning and groaning noises coming from inside. He went in, somewhat worried that Patrick may be hurt or in danger. He followed the grunting noises to the bedroom and walked in to find this...


Spongebob, terrified out of his yellow ass, ran away from Patrick's house and banged frantically on Squidward's door. When Squidward wouldn't answer, Spongebob broke into Squidward's house through a window. The image in front of Spongebob was horrible...

Tumblr m2zqf9SfcT1rrjmodo1 500

Spongebob's response was...


Squidward's response was...



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