A message for Everyone...Edit

We had a lot of fun and funny times on here and i am

really sad that it is over... me (Strawberry Dixon) and I Am Brandon have to decided to just forget about Wiki Of Stuff due to Wikia's Staff. They have taken the fun out of this site and we just don't want to do this anymore. I am sorry. I added a few of the stories and may add more if i am ever bored, they wont be as good as they once were cuz the pictures arent included.

Also another reason why we are not doing this anymore is bcuz the Wikia staff blocked our original accounts of: Jo Face, I Am Brandon, Strawberry Dixon and several others. and as long as those accounts are blocked we arent going to participate. I am very sorry and ill miss the good times.

We love you Wiki Of Stuff. With all our hearts and we had a great time writing articles and just being teens. it was almost a year that you were up and if it hadnt been for Wikia we wouldve kept you going and growing.

Im sorry.

Goodbye, love Wiki Of Stuff Staff<3