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Ask the girl out.

The worse possible thing she can do is...

(Im going to show you through words) ;)

Will you go out with me?- guy

No, slaps you in the face and punches your nuts and runs away screaming "I hate you" and crying- girl

There it is. :D Goodluck! >:)

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Never give up after a girl!

If they say non and gives a good reason such as "I want to be friends" or "Not now, it just isn't right"

I know this is a HUGE turn off but DONT GIVE UP!!

They will sooner or later realize they love you/hate you and they will want you and your body ;)

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[[Never Say Never|Justin Bieber]] is gay.

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[[Never Say Never|Justin Bieber]] is very gay.

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[[FINALLY!...but NO!!!|Justin Bieber]] is very very gay.

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He is gay.

The End.

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[[Never Say Never|Justin Bieber]] is as straight as a cirlce....He's gay.


Heres me ;) enjoy the picture.

Warning: You may orgasm;D

[[File:Creepy-old-man.jpg|thumb|left|334px|I'm the creator of this article]]

Ladies call me;) (765-265-7887)

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