This site is amazing!Edit

I was bored and i got on and had a great convo.

The dude from New JerseyEdit

Stranger: hey

You: m o f

Stranger: 14 m usa

You: 14 f usa

Stranger: cool u in 9th grade

You: yes best grade ever! ;) :D

Stranger: ha yeaa

Stranger: what state are u in

You: Indiana

You: wby?

Stranger: oh im in new jersey

Stranger: how far have you gone with a guy

You: i love giving bjs;)

Stranger: ohh i see

You: how far have u been with a girl?

Stranger: just felt up

You: well if we ever meet ill give you a bj that youll mone so much over ;)

Stranger: ohhhh yea :)

You: so ;) <3

Stranger: how big is ur bra size ;)

You: DD cup;)

Stranger: u shaved

You: Yeah :) and i love sending nude pics ;)

Stranger: u shaved

You: Yeah :) and i love sending nude pics ;)

You: How big are you ;) and dont lie

Stranger: do u like a shaved? and 6 in

Stranger: a guy shaved*

You: i dont understand?

Stranger: do u like a guy to shave his pubes or trim

Stranger: and my dick is 6 inches

You: i like trimed cuz i love licking the hair to get the cum off ;) and I want to suck that soo bad right very horny;)

Stranger: i cant tell hehe

You: how not? ;D

Stranger: are u a slut

You: you dont know me! i love what i do!

Stranger: haha

You: youll always be a virgin

You: santas not real

Stranger: thats mean why woulfd u say that

You: im just kidding ;)

Stranger: wht is the biggest dick u have blown

You: 8ins i could barely fit it in my mouth, but he cummed so much!

Stranger: how old was he

You: i like smaller ones though and he was 18

Stranger: what is the smallest

You: 5.5 in it was easier :)

You: ;) i want yours though

Stranger: its very hard right now

You: i want it so bad right now

Stranger: well i got to.go.nice talking to u love you bye

You: love you to ;) bye

The end.

The longest convoEdit

You: hey m o f

Stranger: both

Steve the High Man whos an idiotEdit

Stranger: hey

You: hi asl

Stranger: 19 m

Stranger: u

You: 20 f

You: ;)

Stranger: cool

Stranger: wats up

You: watching porn ;) you?

Stranger: cool

Stranger: wat kinda porn are u watchin

Stranger: nm

You: guy on girl ;)

Stranger: nice nice

You: why arent you?

Stranger: cause im stoned and i decided to come on this for a bit of crack and now im talkin to you and worndering y am i not watchin porn You: humm do you want to see me?

Stranger: yeah sure


Stranger: 2 secs

You: ok ;)

You: im Casey btw

Stranger: jesus ur georgus

You: well thank you ;) and turned on

Stranger: yes You: you are? ;D

Stranger: steven You: i ment are you turned on? S

tranger: yes your a superstar

You: can i see you?

Stranger: i dont have any pics You: well why not

Stranger: i duno Stranger: lol

You: well i get really turned on when a guy masterbaits while talking to me ;)

The dude whos an idiotEdit

You: hey!

Stranger: Hey horny 23 year old male here You: hey horny 20 year old female ;)

Stranger: mmm thats good what turns u on babe?

You: when a guy masterbaits to me You: ;)

Stranger: haha i can do that ;)

You: you should ;)

Stranger: tell me what u look like

You: im a tall and thin blonde, with DD boobs and a medium size butt ;) and very pretty

Stranger: u sound delicious :)

You: i am;) and im easy ;)

Stranger: easy to please? ;p

You: yes ;) and i love dicks You: bjs ;)

Stranger: mmm the best especially if a girl can manage to deepthroat all of me

You: how long? ;)

Stranger: 10in real thick no lie

You: ohh yeah ;) sounds delicious

You: :p

Stranger: good baby its a monster sized cock for my monster sexual appetite ;)

You: yumm ;)

Stranger: tell me what u would do with this large rod of mine get me goin ;)

You: i would suck it and lick it ;) and grabb your nuts and deep throat it until i gag ;) and i would let you do me in the butt ;) and let you screw me as hard as you can ;)

Stranger: mmmm im throbbing babe what would u do when i cum

You: depends where you cum ;)

Stranger: i like it, i cum lots i would want drench your face and tits

You: i would lick it off and let youre dick slick up and down my tits ;) and i would suck it more until its limp ;)

Stranger: mmm falling in love ;)

You: i just want sex ;) im sooo horny!!

The quereEdit

You: hey male

16 Stranger: male 16

You: :p

You: ;)

Stranger: lol what?

You: ;) do me

Stranger: why?

You: i want you

Stranger: okay. what do you look like

You: no

Stranger: aww why not

You: i dont want you now

Stranger: okay. im kinda tall, brown hair, brown eyes, soft lips big dick

You: no